Getting Ready for Spring

Spring has officially sprung

(which really doesn’t mean anything,) but I’m using it as an excuse to get my life together.


I may or may not   have been slacking on my skincare this winter…

Half because I can hide my body under sweats and leggings…

& half because living with your boyfriend means the illusion that you’re hairless and never burp shattered a loooong time ago.


So when eos asked me to try their new Sensitive Shave Cream – I was totally game.

I mean it’s pretty obvious… I’m sensitive…and I need to shave.

It’s formulated especially for sensitive skin, with no added fragrances & the ingredients actually help restore your skin.

For someone with skin as temperamental as a toddler… (me)

 being paraben-free, dermatologist tested, cruelty free & hypoallergenic is a MAJOR plus.

Last thing I want is when I FINALLY shave my legs & they end up bumpy, red and irritated after, so eos Sensitive Shave is my new go-to for silky smooth skin. l

Check out eos Shave Cream at Target


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