^my actual reaction face to finding out I was going to be in a TV show*

I’d start this off by saying the whole standard “oh in case you missed it” but in reality if you missed it I would just be impressed

considering all my socials have basically turned into #FreakishOnHulu fan accounts

*cough* twitter *cough*

In honor of #FreakWeek where Tumblr is uploading 2 episodes of Freakish EVERY DAY this week so you can watch for FREE

I thought I’d host my friends (who also happen to be my cast-mates) over to watch it together!

Checkout my DIY Movie Night video to see me get ready for the party, cook some food, decorate & hangout with the stars of Freakish!

Can’t wait for a new episode on Tumblr?

That’s okay because EVERY episode is ALREADY UP ON HULU!

So while you watch (for the first time or for the fiftieth time) – play along with us with Freakin’ Bingo!

Download all 5 bingo cards to play with your friends!

*yes I am so lame I made this for my friends and I to play even though we star in the show which i think is cheating lol*


 Keep track of your points with these HEINOUS CAST PHOTOS!

I printed mine out on shrinky-dink paper, but you can always print them out normally & just cut em out!

(Zoe Parker’s ugly cry would be a great bumper sticker)


I wanna see YOUR #FreakishOnHulu party so snap pics

& send them to me with that hashtag!

Watch Freakish for FREE on Tumblr THIS WEEK ONLY: http://freakishonhulu.tumblr.com/

Watch ALL 10 EPISODES on Hulu RIGHT NOW: http://www.hulu.com/freakish


Zoe Parker Out