Bare it All(most)

When I took these pictures I had no intention of tying them along to some sort of body positivity mantra or anything of that matter.

I didn’t take them as a statement or as a stance or as a movement.

I took them because I wanted to.

I thought it would look cool.

But thinking back on it now- the mantra-less mantra of it was the simple reason behind it.

The fact that I didn’t think about the uproar or the reaction

The fact that I didn’t analyze and assess what people would think

The fact that my thought process went from idea to action in the amount of time it took me to rip off my sweater

That is the movement

Those moments of sheer happiness when you’re not thinking about your love handles or the spots on your skin

Where none of that factors into the choices that you make

That doesn’t even cross your mind

Sometimes we forget to be embarrassed or shy or insecure

And this was one of those moments


IMG_5518 IMG_5519