Peanut Butter Crispy Balls

Let’s see how long it takes me to make a ball joke.

Did that count as one?

Today I’ve got another SUPER easy & last minute holiday (or not holiday) treat for you guys!

Like I’ve said before- I make epic goodie boxes for my team & every year there’s always a request for these babies

In the words of one of my agents,

“I love the cocaine & peanut butter things”

*don’t worry there aren’t actually drugs in these

I find my oven crowded this time of year with cookies, cakes & pies – so a non-bake treat is a much welcomed change

Fair warning they’re a bit messy to make – but they use hardly any dishes soOoOoOoOo…. the clean up really only applies to the peanut butter residue you’ll find on all your appliances and remotes for days on end. No? Just me?





2 cups peanut butter (creamy or crunchy)

1/2 cup unsalted butter (softened)

3-4 cups of powdered sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract

2 cups rice cereal

16oz of dipping chocolate (the kind that hardens)



  • In a large bowl mix peanut butter & butter together (I use a hand mixer)
  • Add in your vanilla & stir until fully combined
  • Slowly add powdered sugar a bit at a time until the texture reaches a consistency that can hold it’s form
  • Stir in the crispy rice cereal
  • Using a small cookie scoop, a spoon, or your hands, form 1-inch balls & place on a lined baking sheet
  • Once all the balls have been rolled, place them into the fridge for 20-30 minutes until no longer sticky to the touch
  • Melt the dipping chocolate according to package instructions & begin to dip each ball into the chocolate until coated
  • Once they’ve all been coated – let sit at room temp until the chocolate hardens
  • Eat em up & store the rest in an airtight container!


I’ve been loving seeing what you guys are baking this time of year- so keep tagging me in your posts!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful (or at least bearable) holiday – eat some cheese for me … fuck i miss that shit






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  1. February 23, 2018 / 7:56 am

    Oh my lordie… firstly these sound aMAZING! Secondly I’ve followed you for years and yet didn’t know you had this beautiful blog, one of your posts popped up on my insta feed today and I thought to myself ‘I haven’t seen a post from Meghan in AAAAges’ (damn you instagram algorithm); needless to say I have now turned on post notifications and look forward to catching up on all your beautiful content 💕

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